It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid, and finally build a profitable business that works FOR you, instead of the other way around.



Do you feel like your business journey so far has been a treadmill? I’m talking about the kind where you keep running, but there seems to be no end in sight. 

Constantly wondering where your next client is coming from and how much money you’re going to make this month (hello inconsistent income!)

Doubting yourself all the time and comparing yourself to your biz besties or the people you admire on social media (but how do they do it?!)

Chasing cold leads, getting ghosted and feeling super uncomfortable when trying to sell your offer (selling feels so icky sometimes ,right?)

Feeling like you’re never going to succeed in a sea of people offering exactly the same thing that you offer (who needs another *insert niche*?!😩)

Changing strategies all the time and not being sure which one is best for YOUR business and goals, because there’s so much noise out there (so many different options!!)

I hear you, you’re tired of…

This is not why you started your business. 
You started this business to serve others and have more freedom.

This is not why you started
your business. 
You started this business to serve others and have more freedom.

You know you’re ready to stop feeling this way and I’m here to tell you there is a better way! 

I’m telling you this, because 
I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling.  

Believe it or not, I used to be you back when I started my business. 

I experienced self-doubt, overwhelm and got myself in a spiral on a weekly basis, wondering if I was made for this.

Looking back on my journey, the real growth happened once I embraced these three things:


On top of that, I started focusing more on sales, which is the CORE of ANY business. 

It’s simple: no sales = no cash = no business.

And this is how Badass Business School (previously known as NBBA) became my signature program, where I helped dozens of women rise as CEOs and learn how to build a profitable business without any of the fluff.

Now it’s your turn!

In case we haven’t met – I’m Claudia. 

AKA The No BS Business & Sales Expert. AKA your new, no-nonsense business best friend.

Trust me on this – building a profitable business doesn’t have to be some mythical, scary and difficult thing. What you need is clarity and a solid understanding of business, sales and marketing, with a dash of mindset work - which is exactly where BBS comes in.

Badass Business School takes everything I’ve learned from my 10 years in business, coaching over 100 female entrepreneurs and helping them achieve £5–20k months in their various niches, and scaling to multiple 6 figures myself in under 18 months – and brings it all together in one inclusive, supportive container.

Before working with Claudia, I was a copywriter who felt unfulfilled and burnt out by all the DFY-work, so I knew it was time to pivot. I loved working with you and now I feel so much more confident in my direction. Not only that, but I booked 3 dream clients in 4 weeks and I charged €2K for a package for the first time!

Justine, Business Mindset Coach 

If you’re thinking of joining BBS, you should definitely do it. I did 6 months ago and made the biggest shifts in my business! I started out as a VA and was doing pretty well, but was still charging hourly and had an income cap. Claudia helped me pivot my business, start earning more money and move into a more aligned direction. I’ve learned so much, it’s an amazing community and the support is second to none.

Claudia, Marketing & Confidence Mentor

I know you’re ready to become unstoppable, so I don’t want to make you wait any longer.
I’m proud to introduce you to…


Badass Business School is a 12 week experience for early service providers and coaches, designed to help you take the strategic action you need to see REAL results in your business.

Not only are you going to solidify your foundational business knowledge - you’re also going to create your own strategy for a profitable business, alongside creating a powerful personal brand and learning to sell authentically. 

I’m giving you all the tools you need to reach consistent 5K months, as long as you’re ready to take inspired, messy action and leave behind those damn excuses that have been holding you back.

So if you’re a…

Badass Business School has been designed for you!


How would you feel if this was your life right now? 

You’re finally feeling confident showing up online and you know exactly how to attract dream clients

You’re creating offers that are fully aligned with who you are and you’re excited to be promoting them with a clear sales strategy

You’re building a community of raving fans that are ready to buy from you as soon as you open the doors to your offers

As you’re taking a mid-afternoon chilling break, your phone notifies you of another 4 figure payment from clients who love to pay you and keep coming back for more  

You‘re feeling confident in your business and you have so much clarity (and excitement!) about everything coming

This is what happens after you go through Badass Business School.

You learn to love selling your services and digital products, you learn to build and grow a profitable business, you start feeling as a legit CEO, and most importantly, you get to see the results you deserve.

Need more proof?

What’s included:

Weekly group coaching calls with Claudia 

(value £8000)

Badass Business School Vault

(value £2000)

A library of workbooks 
and templates 

(value £500)

Daily support via a private slack community

(value £1000)

Lifetime access +
 free future upgrades 


Your own private badass 
female community 


Total value: £11,500+ 

BBS is currently closed. Join the waitlist for when doors open again later this year!

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What’s the process inside Badass Business School?

Here’s what you will find inside…

Before getting deep into strategy, we will focus on setting your intention for the next 90 days. Not only that, but we’ll tackle your mindset monsters and really help you unlock your most confident and badass CEO self.

Now is time to build your scalable business foundations: you will build a client-ready offer, we’ll work on your pricing, make sure you’re in the right niche and give you all the tools needed to create a profitable business. 

Visibility is everything if you want to attract clients, so during this phase we will focus heavily on creating a marketing plan and content strategy that works for your business and attracts dream clients on repeat. 

I know how overwhelming launching can seem, so inside this phase, I’m sharing with you my entire launch system created specifically for service providers and coaches. You’ll learn how to take your audience from stone cold to paying clients that come back from more in no time!

This is going to be your money-making machine phase, where you’ll learn how to sell on video, how to sell in the DMs, how to handle objections like a pro and generally become a sales queen that lands clients consistently.

Now that your foundations are all set, you’re landing clients consistently and you have a clear plan of action, I want to show you how to take things to the next level. This phase is going to set you up for our 6 figures business and all the aspects that you need to be thinking about.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect inside BBS

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't yet have an exact start date but it'll be some time in Quarter 3.

BBS DIY will have no 1:1 or group access to Claudia. However, you can join her in the Badass Business Club to get exclusive trainings through weekly FB Lives and Q&As. 
When you join BBS Live, you will have access to Claudia through weekly group coaching calls and daily support via Slack.

If you’re a female service provider or coach who’s currently stuck at inconsistent £0-3K months, and you’d like to fast track your results, this is LITERALLY designed for you!

I've never had anyone ask for a refund yet because my stuff works, but I want you to feel confident in your investment and satisfied with your experience. I offer a 14 days “do-the-work” refund. If you’re able to prove that you’ve completed all the modules, went through the bonuses,completed all the worksheets and implemented the strategies, you will get a full refund. After 14 days, you are responsible for the full payment of the program.

Book in your 20 minutes clarity call with Claudia here.

Before joining the program, I was really unsure about my business and had a lot of imposter syndrome popping up. However, from the beginning of our work, I had so much more clarity and working on my mindset has helped me grow my business so much faster. 

Of course that before joining I kept thinking “What if I don’t make the money back?” or “what if I stay stuck?” but I’ve already made my investment back (before the end of the program) and I’m planning on growing my business so much more. 

So, if you’re on the fence, you should sign up, because for me, it was life changing! 

Sonia, Web & Brand Designer  

I decided to join the group program because I knew that I needed help progressing my business, but I needed more structure and guidance. The program was perfect for me, because Claudia doesn’t just give you the answer to the problem, she helps you get to the root cause of it, so the questions and techniques that she uses go beyond the 3 months we’ve worked together.

Honestly, Claudia has been an incredible coach, the community is amazing and I’m just sad that it’s over -I wish I could do it again!

Abi - Virtual Assistant 

Here’s the thing. If you’re still reading, you know 
this is a sign. 

Here’s the thing.
If you’re still reading, you know this is a sign. 

You know there’s more to business than trying to figure it out all on your own and feeling defeated each time a potential client ghosts you or when no one books a sales call for a month. 

This is your time. It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to level up.

Let me show you how you can start experiencing ease and abundance in your business.

I know you might feel you’re not ready. But “ready” is a lie.

Or you might be telling yourself “I’ll join next time” so you “save up”, but this is exactly why I created such inclusive payment plans, to make sure ANYONE who needs it can join.

The reality is that nothing will change between now and then - only that 6 more months would have gone by and you’re feeling even worse. 

What you need now is an experienced coach & mentor to guide you through this mad entrepreneurship journey - either live or DIY.

So, are you ready to stop making excuses and do the damn thing?

BBS is currently closed. Join the waitlist for when doors open again this year!

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