Master the art of consistent sales,
and become a confident sales expert, once and for all.

What’s the ONLY difference between a female entrepreneur who confidently and consistently sells out her offers …

and one who spends all her energy online with nothing to show for it, feels frustrated because she’s doing everything she “should” be doing but it’s not working, falls into the comparisonitis trap every time she scrolls her feed or email inbox, and who keeps getting ‘friend-zoned’ by potential clients in her DMs?

If you guessed…

​“she spends hours every day engaging with random people”

“she’s constantly in her DMs hard selling like a sleazy car salesman”

“she spends hours on Canva and creating content just for the sake of it”

“she posts 5 times a week, has a huge email list that she emails daily and works 50h+ a week”

you’d be so damn wrong.

If you want to see tangible, consistent results in your business, you have to learn how to sell.

And when it comes to sales, it’s not just about sales calls or launches -  it’s about HOW strategic & authentic you are throughout. From your offers to your messaging, your mindset, content and more, it's all part of creating a magnetic & effortless sales process. 

I honestly had no idea there was so much that goes into the sales process and Claudia explains it in a great and concise way!

Beth, T1D Nutritionist 

With all the time and effort you put into your business, isn’t it time you actually start seeing results?

After all the time, energy, money and commitment you’ve already invested in leveraging social platforms to build your online business, you DESERVE to:

Wake up every day to DMs & emails from ideal clients asking to work with you.

Spend your day working ON your business and doing things you enjoy instead of wasting your time with things that don't pay off. 

Have a product suite that's aligned and profitable, so people are ready to jump into your offers as soon as you mention them 

Finally feel confident about your business, selling and knowing that your clients need your offer, not the other way around!

I’ve had consistent booked out months since we started our work together and I have CONFIDENTLY raised my prices to the level I know they should be.

I no longer have to take on heaps of clients and feel completely burnt-out by the amount of work I’m doing.

I’ve earned more money in the last few months than I earned in the entirety of the first year of my business. I'm so grateful for Claudia!

Ciara, Copywriter & Messaging Expert

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Badass Sales Academy

The unapologetically NO BS program that teaches you the principles AND the how of creating consistent sales  and selling with confidence, in a way that brings actual results.

Badass Sales Academy is for you if you are a coach, service provider or creative entrepreneur ready to:

Finally see your ROI from your online presence – you’ve invested your time, energy and money into it, so it’s time to start seeing the results of that in your Stripe account.

Learn EXACTLY how to sell out your offers and how to intentionally spend your time, so that you can feel confident knowing that even when you’re not showing up, your sales strategy is.

Stop feeling like you’re annoying your audience when talking about your offers – after spending so much time feeling bad for selling or like you’re being pushy, it’s now time to upgrade your mindset and step into a CEO role.

Start seeing what it’s like to actually sell out your offers, establish your authority and start welcoming in ideal clients – all without feeling sleazy, scammy or pushy.



Claudia’s coaching was phenomenal! Before, I was at inconsistent 1-2k sales months and had no clear direction on what I need to do in order to grow my business and to have more freedom. 

She didn’t give me another cookie-clutter strategy but helped me personalise my sales & marketing strategy to who I am.
Now I’ve able to shift from 1-2k months to hitting consistent 5-8k cash months and 5-figure sales months. One month alone, I secured 12k in sales!

Nadja, Manifestation & Money Coach