The 4 month accelerator to master your strategy & mindset for consistent, sustainable sales with ease, done your way.

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But first, let's get real. 

I don’t need to “convince” you that sales are important lol.

You already know that. You feel the slight anxiety in your bones every time to check your business bank account.

You watch others in your industry have the success you desire and it half excites you about whats possible, and half triggers you into shame “Why not me? What am I doing wrong?

You know you’re good at what you do. You feel confident in your work, but not so much when it comes to selling your offers.

You do have ideas and make plans, but most of the time your follow-through and consistency are not there because you end up overthinking and doubting yourself.

Oh, and the noise. Everyone seems to be saying something different.

A week ago you were told the way to go is to sell in the DMs. 

Then your bestie was saying you should stick to low ticket offers only and then upsell them behind the scenes. 

Oh look, a mentor you like says selling high ticket evergreen via a live launch is THE way. 

At the same time, an industry colleague makes A LOT of money through selling ONE offer only.

And the latest social media darling keeps banging on about becoming a “MilLiOnaiRe” by launching a new masterclass every month based on what you dreamt about.

Fine, I just made this one up, but you get the idea.

Soooo many options, isn’t it? It’s hard not to get distracted. Also, it’s EXHAUSTING.

You don’t want to be glued to your phone.

You don’t want MORE. 

You want less stress. Less pushing. Less pressure.

You want selling to feel SIMPLE. Clear. Easy to manage.

Ahhh, can you feel the difference? 

Well, my friend, this is EXACTLY what Badass Sales Academy helps you do.

Because there’s more to life than running your business

I know your big goal is a profitable, sustainable business that supports your flexible lifestyle.

Maybe you want to start a family or you’re a mum already.

Maybe you dream of traveling full time or living abroad a couple of months a year just for fun.

Or maybe you just want freedom to do whatever the hell you want: take a pottery course, read ALL the books, work on your garden, be with loved ones, start a second business or JUST BE.

Whatever your big dream is, there is one thing holding you back right now: consistent income that doesn’t feel draining. 

Sustainable sales without working 24/7 or feeling you’re having to annoy people in order to reach your goals. 

BSA is designed to help you create your unique strategy to get you off the income rollercoaster and instead, experience consistent income so you can feel at peace and make plans for your life, knowing the business is there to support you.

I honestly had no idea there was so much that goes into the sales process and Claudia explains it in a great and concise way!

Beth Edwards

Bye bye cookie cutter methods

Since 2019, I’ve been mentoring & educating HUNDREDS of female entrepreneurs and regardless of the stage they’re at, SALES is something that comes up time and time again.

Whether it's more sales. Easier sales. Higher ticket sales. Longer term clients or programs. 

It all comes back to sales. 

And that’s because you CAN’T just chill if the money is not coming in or not coming in as easily as you’d like.

Most programs teach you “their” way of making sales, whether that’s through back-to-back launches, DMs, content marketing only, evergreen webinar funnels, referrals or ads & funnels. 

Want to know the truth? All of those work. But they won’t all work for you. And just taking a cookie-cutter approach to any of these is also not the answer, because YOU are unique. 

For example, you might want to do a combo of content marketing, one easy-peasy funnel and a few launches per year.

Or maybe you want a couple of core evergreen offers with a webinar, DM selling and go hardcore on visibility. 

You can’t just plaster on ONE thing and you’re done. Your path to consistent income needs to match your season of life and business, which is UNIQUE.


I want in on the waitlist

The 4 BS Myths You’re Holding Onto That Are Stopping You From Seeing The Sales Results You Want👇🏻

BS #1: there’s ONLY ONE way to consistent sales

 Omg, absolutely not. Every niche, audience and human is unique, so your path to consistent sales is also unique, which is why you're not seeing results when you try to copy what others do. 

BS #2: Selling is only about launches and sales calls

Again, nopppppe. Sales runs through the entire DNA of your business. Everything you believe, create and say in your business ultimately leads to or takes away from your sales.

BS #3: Short sales programs are a great shortcut

 Actually the opposite. To see CONSISTENT results in your sales, you need to commit to change, deep work and implementation. All of these things take time, so stop getting distracted by fancy marketing. 

BS #4: I need to be loud & extroverted to sell a lot

Or maybe you think you need super cool branding and show off a fancy lifestyle? Nope, that’s what works for SOME people and personalities. Instead, what you need is REPUTATION (we’ll get to that in a sec).

THE Badass sales METHOD 



I lovingly call this “remember who the f*ck you are”. We work on your vision & mindset and design the foundational pieces: a product suite you LOVE with pricing you can get behind, and a sales plan that works for YOU. All of it WITHOUT any of the external noise of your industry or the internal noise of your limiting beliefs. 






You wouldn’t watch a movie at the cinema without knowing the genre or a bit of the plot, right? The same goes for your audience, which is why after mastering your foundations, we refine your messaging to stand out and get you growing & nurturing your audience, so you generate leads long-term and create consistent interest in your offers.


THIS is where the magic happens and what most people never quite master. You build deep connection and trust with your audience through authority, storytelling and strategic positioning. You now communicate your expertise & offers SO clearly & confidently, that your ideal clients is binging your content like it’s the new season of Bridgerton and buying your offers faster than you can say "Lady Whistledown".


Lastly, you become a strategic & energetic match for your financial goals in the simplest ways possible. You’ll learn how to have sales conversations with confidence and stay unwavering in your energy AND strategy, so you can finally experience consistent income AND feel AMAZING selling.

I know what you’re thinking:

"Wait, who are you and why should I trust you?”

Hi - I’m Claudia, your life-first business coach & educator

I could sit here and tell you how I made £150K in my first year of coaching and the hundreds of lives my coaching & course have changed in the past 4 years.

But you're not here for my success story. 

What you want is to be reassured that this is not another BS program with fancy marketing that has zero substance and support once you join. 

The things you need to know about me ar:

1. I'm borderline obsessed with what I do, which is why I have several qualifications, continue to get educated and mentored AND I always update BSA to stay current with my ever-evolving expertise.

2. I'm a mum and work around 15h a week, so I know how it's like to be busy, to want things to be easy and effortless

3. Sales have been in my life for a while. I've worked in sales for years before my coaching business, and teaching & coaching on it for 4 years. You could say it's now part of my DNA. 

4. I refuse to do anything that is not life-first, and the same goes for you. We get you to your goals the simplest, most aligned way possible. 

 Claudia has been a blessing for my business. She gave me the confidence to raise my prices, she taught me sales strategies that I have never imagined possible and she encouraged me to complete my product suite with an evergreen course.

Working with her was amazing. I love that she is super straight to the point and always challenging me.

True Guerra

Get ready to master life-first consistent sales inside...

Badass Sales Academy

The 4 months high level accelerator to help you master your unique path to consistent sales.

BSA is designed specifically for the female mentor, service provider, course creator, coach or expert who craves sustainable sales and is ready to get off the income rollercoaster.

By the end of BSA, you will:

Have a way of doing business that is specifically YOURS - aka a life-first business

Have a product suite you LOVE and know exactly how to talk about each offer to see sales come through consistently

Master a simple sales strategy that allows you to stay in your zone of genius and suits your lifestyle

Feel confident in your sales strategy - you’re not stressed or running around with a million ideas. You know what to do when to get clients coming your way

Attract empowered ideal clients only through strategic & super-authentic messaging

Feel like a real CEO. Once sales are taken care of, you can start relaxing & planning your next big move. What will you do with your freedom & flexibility?

The waitlist is calling my name

Claudia really knows what she is talking about. She provides step by step plans, and works on everything there is to know about business: from mindset, to sales, to marketing to scaling. Also, she has this very specific talent to simplify complex concepts. 

BSA has been one of the most powerful sales programs I’ve ever tried. I had my first 4 figure client paying in full which was a huge thing for me! I got way better at discovery calls. It used to be a thing I hated and that I enjoy so much now!

Plus, when you join BSA, you don't just join a sales program, you join a community with connections you make for life. Thank you for the beautiful work you do!

Angélique Braise

BSA is designed to help you create consistent income, not just ONE good launch or one high month and unable to repeat that. Too many programs give you dopamine hits and then you crash as soon as that’s over.

I do holistic business & life like no one else. If your messaging is vanilla AF, you’re selling to an empty room or your confidence is nowhere to be found, no “sales strategy” can save you. We go in deep to fix the roots rather that throw the crap under the carpet and hope it magically disappears.

BSA is fully customized to your business model, niche, energy and strengths, which is why it works across so many different industries and niches. We design a strategy that suits YOU vs “this is the only way that works”.

BSA is dedicated to a life-first approach, which means staying away from strategies or practices where you have to sacrifice your wellbeing or the things that matter to you outside work.

There is a huge emphasis on action & accountability instead of procrasti-learning. We’re big fans of messy action and refining your strategy as you go, plus you have access to our famous accountability buddy system.

Fun fact: research shows that you’re 70% more likely to hit your goals if you write them down your goals and share them with a friend, which is why accountability is so important!

How is this any different from *insert a million programs you’ve already invested in or looked at*?

Get ready to master easy, predictable sales in 4 months.

And you might be thinking "4 months?! That's a long time!". it?

Selling runs so deep into your entire business and mindset that we need to go in deep.

A quick sales program MIGHT work, sort of. You might get some clarity. Ideas. Even wins. Shifts.

But not repeatable success. (which is what I'm about).

And definitely not a holistic, personalised strategy.

That takes deep work and time.

And I don't know about you, but I don't put energy into short-term hacks if it means I have to start over again from zero next month.

Feedback directly from our alumni:

Inside BSA, I take your hand through the 3 phases of consistent sales mastery:

During the first 8 weeks, we focus on creating your customised, perfect sales & business strategy and stepping into your CEO self with bold decisions & actions. We do this while starting to identify & work through your limiting beliefs (so much in sales is linked to your mindset!)

The next 2 months are spent on action, because NO action = no results. You put yourself out there with my support, test different things, get feedback, and based on that, we tweak and refine your strategy & approach until it feels RIGHT for you.

During the final 2 months, we continue taking action (spoiler alert: we always take action) with a focus on the "consistent" part and making sure your current strategy, which we tested already & feel confident in, can get you to your stable income goals. 

Phase 1. Get clarity & remove the noise

Phase 2. Experiment & find your sweet spot

Phase 3. Refine & simplify for consistency

What’s ACTUALLY included in BSA:

2 intimate group coaching calls per month with Claudia

Lifetime access to the Badass Sales Academy knowledge vault of 50+ lessons & extensive library of templates and worksheets

2 days of WhatsApp office hours per month for all questions and feedback

2 x Quarterly Sales Workshops to work through your sales strategy, messaging and content

Access to a private Badass Sales Academy community

Access to our accountability buddy system

Everything inside the program has been designed to give you RESULTS and support, not to add 15 million random things just to make it sound more valuable.

You're a smart gal - I'm not going to sit here and tell you a worksheet is worth a bazillion dollars. Instead, let's get to work together on the things that matter!

Everything inside the program has been designed to give you RESULTS and support, not to add 15 million random things just to make it sound more valuable.

You're a smart gal. I'm not going to sit here and tell you a worksheet is worth a bazillion dollars. Instead, let's get to work together on the things that matter!


Join the waitlist today to get: 


1. Earlybird access - spots are limited for the early 2024 cohort!

2. A stack of bonuses worth over £1000

3. A bonus 1:1 60 min coaching call (worth £997)

Claudia was amazing. She doesn't sugar coat things, explains everything so thoroughly, and provided great advice that helped me make the business moves I needed to do.

If you feel that sales isn't your strongest suit, if your mindset is a thing you need to work on, and want to learn the money-making activities that help you reach your goals, joining BSA would be great for you.

You're not going to learn how to make sales the sleazy way. Instead, you'd be working on different parts of your business like your product suite, getting leads, working on your authority, and getting better at sales calls. BSA is an investment that you'll see benefit from in the long run.

 Also, I loved the community. It's been over a year and I still talk to some BSA ladies. We've helped each other, we've collaborated, and I've seen them grow.

Kendra Valen

Here’s what you can expect inside the extensive 50+ lessons curriculum dripped weekly:

Here’s what you can expect inside the extensive 50+ lessons curriculum:

We’ll start by going deep into your mindset and habits, whilst helping you tap into your inner authority.

Together we create a life-first business vision to always come back to if you feel overwhelmed or start doubting yourself.

This is where you put your CEO hat on & we go in deep and make a clear plan for: your offers, pricing, structure, business model and methods.

And of course, we make sure the plan works for YOU, not the other way around.

I'll show you the easiest way to make sure you communicate your offers in a deliciously simple way to attract the right people in your world. 

Sales messaging has never more effortless!

You can't sell to an empty room, so this week we work on growing your audience in a way that feels both exciting and sustainable for your life-first business. 

It's time to get seen by new ideal clients every day!

My favourite way to sell is through content and authority, so I'm biaseeeed, okay? I want to show you that your words can literally turn into money with the right mindset and strategy. 

It's time to see your content take off and show up in your bank account every month. 

At this stage, you're already doing a lot of different things, which usually means the sales mindset wobbles are starting to show up.

I will show you how you can tap into your abundance mindset and start showing up with true confidence when selling, regardless of what's happening outside you.

This is where you learn the secrets to get off the monthly income rollercoaster and what it takes to experience smooth, consistent sales every month.

And surprise surprise - everything is VERY life-first business friendly!

This final week covers the ultimate strategies and mindset hacks to nail the final piece of your sales puzzle – your actual conversations. 

Learn how to talk to YOUR people in the DMs and on calls to get the sale every.single.time. 

I've added in some of my favourite sales resources that will help you IMPLEMENT the strategies even faster! These by themselves alone are worth around half of the investment.

#1 Conversion 101 - The Freebie To Sale Email Sequence 
#2 Highly Converting Sales Pages Copywriting Guide
#3 Your Weekly 6 Figure Sales Activities Checklist
#4 The Secret to Unlocking Repeat Buyers
#5 Low and High Ticket Sales Secrets

I appreciated Claudia's honesty and the way she teaches and makes abstract things easy to understand.

With BSA, I went from 2 clients to 16 in just a few months and I increased my prices from £300 to £1997, something I had really struggled with.

I always felt that she genuinely cared about me and my success and through her super down-to-earth and tangible teaching style in the BSA course, I was able to shift my limiting beliefs . 

I also found the group calls incredibly helpful and a great place to get my questions answered so I could move forward.

If you are on the fence and are the type of person who doesn't like things to be sugar coated, Claudia is amazing!

She really hits the sweet spot between no BS and genuine care and support for you. 

Megan Collins

More from our alumni:


I know you might be used to FAST 4 weeks or 8 weeks programs, but the key to STABLE income comes from clarity and focus on the right things. This takes TIME plus trial and error. I want to be here for extended support rather that show you a few things and let try and figure out all the pieces by yourself after. Remember, 6 months of focus can put you YEARS AHEAD in your business!

The answer is a resounding YES. BSA has been proven to work for you if you are:
1. You are an expert in something you offer online as a service or educational offer (don't worry, BSA helps with niches and messaging etc).
2. You are ready to do the deep work needed to see consistent results.
That's it. We take care of everything else. 

Every single week for 4 months you have access to me either through a group call OR a WhatsApp Coaching day where I answer all your questions or give you feedback on what you're working through. The level of support is designed to get you thinking independently, but ALWAYS supported, seen and connected to me and the rest of your BSA community. 

You get 4 months access to the calls & Whatsapp support (with an option to stay in for a special alumni rate), and you get lifetime access to the entire BSA vault of lessons, worksheets and templates. (this includes all upgrades for free as well!)


Join the waitlist today to get: 

6 instalments

6 x £600




1. Earlybird access - spots are limited for the early 2024 cohort!

2. A stack of bonuses worth over £1000

3. A bonus 1:1 60 min coaching call (worth £997)


Join the waitlist today to get: 


1. Earlybird access - spots are limited for the early 2024 cohort!

2. A stack of bonuses worth over £1000

3. A bonus 1:1 60 min coaching call (worth £997)

Before BSA, I always struggled with messaging and niching.

Now, I finally got clarity on what I wanted to do and also signed multiple high-ticket clients, which was my goal.

 Claudia spends a lot of time talking things through and answering any and all questions and is extremely supportive throughout the whole program.

BSA is essential, because it covers so much and has resources you can always go back to so a long lasting investment. I always come back to this when I have moments of feeling stuck.

Laura Gilbert

A business without consistent sales is not a life-first business. 

And without a life-first business, you don't have a business that works for you. 

Let's be honest, there's a reason why you're still on this page.

There's a voice inside you going  "hey, it's time to stop f'ing around and actually do this whole sales thing properly."

You're done with the BS tactics and strategies. You're ready to stop wasting time on things that make you feel or “look” busy but, don’t bring any long-term reward (except a headache from staring at your phone for hours a day).

Are you ready to get off the income rollercoaster and embrace
consistent sales?

Because I can't wait to help you!


Don't miss out on:

6 instalments

6 x £600




1. Earlybird access - spots are limited for the early 2024 cohort!

2. A stack of bonuses worth over £1000

3. A bonus 1:1 60 min coaching call (worth £997)


Join the waitlist today to get: 


1. Earlybird access - spots are limited for the early 2024 cohort!

2. A stack of bonuses worth over £1000

3. A bonus 1:1 60 min coaching call (worth £997)