Your advanced guide to creating authentic content that attracts leads & showing up with authority effortlessly



Do you wish you were seen as the go-to expert in your niche and attracting ready-to-invest, dream clients, through the power of your content? 

Wasting time on creating content that gets a bit of engagement, but doesn't help you hit your financial goals

Having no idea what you're doing wrong with your marketing, because on paper you're doing ALL the things

Chasing leads that you need to "convince" to invest,  while getting ghosted or friendzoned by ideal clients

Feeling like you tried everything you've been taught inside programs/courses from "gurus", but somehow things are still not clicking for you 

Watching others effortlessly getting booked out and feeling like there must a secret that someone is keeping from you

I hear you, you’re tired of…

You didn't start your business to create content every day, to run an IG account/FB group and spend your days worrying about some algorithm.

You want to be strategic, so you can spend your time on things that matter.

I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be this hard. 

You're just missing ONE thing.


There is a difference between creating content because you "should" and content that positions you as a non-negotiable choice and gets your audience moving and taking action. 

You don't need to "hack the algorithm" or frantically  create content daily. Let me show you a simpler, more aligned way of making it happen.

To be seen as an authority, you do NOT need: 

Another qualification. 

New client testimonials daily.

A big audience. 

A 5 figure launch. 

To show off a luxury lifestyle.

Professional photos. 

To post daily or to go viral.



Attract dream clients through your content 

Get sales & visibility opportunities consistently

Show up powerfully & sign clients without launching 

Social media trends come and go, timeless attraction marketing & psychology are here to stay.

Being seen as an authority, regardless of your audience size or how long you've been in business

Getting DMs from ideal clients after posting, asking how they can work with you, instead of needing to "convince" them

Having a loyal & engaged audience that is excited to hear about your offers and ready to buy anytime. 

Knowing exactly what content gets you results, so you're never stressing about what you should create next

Having the confidence that your content will convert to leads regardless of trends and algorithm changes,

The core of my content strategy has stayed the same since 2019, and both my clients & I have seen consistent sales since, despite not posting all the time and the platforms changing every other week.

You see,  I'm not here to "get popular on the 'gram". I'm also not here to show you how to go viral. I'm here to show you what it takes to have your content bring in dream leads for your offers.


You don't have to wait years to get there. Now you can be seen as an authority & learn the secrets to profitable content inside...


The advanced 6 part program that teaches you the strategies and mindset shifts needed to position yourself as an authority online and create content that builds trust AND gets ideal clients paying you.  

By the end of the program, you’ll not only FEEL like an authority, you’ll be strategically showing up that way too. You’ll know what to focus on and talk about, in order to get seen as the non-negotiable choice to work with in your niche.

And in case you were thinking it, In Demand works for you even if...
You have a teeny, tiny social media following
You haven't been in business for a long time 
Sales and marketing are brand new to you


WARNING: This is not your typical, basic "content course" that you might see everywhere or even bought before. I'm not going to give you Reels tips or hashtag strategies that stop working in 3 months, because Zuckerberg slept on the wrong side of the bed and decided to change the whole platform AGAIN. 

Instead, you'll dive in deep into the psychology and strategy of attraction marketing, as well as the shift that will allow you to make your content profitable regardless of trends and algorithm changes.

What clients have to say about my methods...

I finally have so much clarity. Claudia didn’t give me another cookie-cutter strategy but helped me personalise my sales & marketing strategy to who I am, and now I'm having 5 figure sales months.

With Claudia's help, I got a lot more strategic with my content, which has led to inquiries and signing ideal clients! Using the same strategies, I've basically had my highest month ever  -just under $10K!

Getting clarity on my messaging was a game changer. I realized what my potential clients wanted vs what I was selling them. Closing this gap was huge in helping my business start to work properly.


Natali @authenticallynatali


In case we haven’t met – I’m Claudia. 

AKA the No BS Business & Sales Expert. AKA your new, no-nonsense business bestie with over 10 years of business experience.

My deep focus on attraction marketing, mindset & sales psychology has made me over £400K in the past 2.5 years through my content on social media alone.

Once I understood the difference between “being online” and “being an authority online,” that’s when all of my business wheels started clicking into place.

The truth is, if you’re not positioning yourself as an authority through content, you’re leaving so much money on the table — and so many clients left unserved. 

What you will experience after IN DEMAND

Converting through your content with ease

Having your content bring leads to your DMs

Hitting your financial goals effortlessly

What’s included inside in demand:

A 45 min 1:1 content strategy session + 24h Voxer support

(value £1500)

Access to the In Demand vault

(value £2000)

A library of workbooks 
and templates 

(value £500)

Lifetime access to any future upgrades of the program 


Total value: £4,000+ 




2 payments of



4 payments of



Here's what's waiting for you inside In Demand

Here’s what you will find inside…

Being seen as an authority require some key elements that you need to master in your business before anything else, so you’re going to nail these CEO moves before we move on to actually working on your content strategy.

In this module you will learn all the secrets to what it takes to feel like an authority and believe in yourself that way, as well as the powerful strategies and tools you can use to get your audience to trust you and see you as an expert.

Do you feel like your audience goes into hiding any time you sell? I'll show you the power of smart positioning & messaging, so you can start talking about your offers in a way to get your audience ready to buy any time and never ghost you again.

Anyone can write content, but not everyone can master the conversion element.
In this module we’re going in deep on copywriting methods and secrets to content that actually WORKS regardless of the social media landscape. 

People buy from leaders, so it's time to step into your power as one.This module will give you lots of ideas for how you can present yourself and sell your offers, all while staying in your authority and feeling confident.

Get ready to never have to chase a lead ever again, or sit there refreshing your DMs & insights, hoping someone buys.
This module really brings together the final piece of the puzzle where you will get your offers flying off the shelf through the power of your content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you join, you get access to module 1 &2, and the rest of the lessons will be released Monday each week after to make sure you're giving yourself the time to properly implement what you're learning.

This time only, I am offering 3 live group Q&A calls to help you implement the strategies you're learning directly in your business.  These calls are worth even more than the price of the program, because it'll allow you to get customised advice from Claudia that works for YOU!

I get it, it's scary to put your hard earned money in someone else's hands. But the best remedy for fear is action. The longer you wait to make your move invest into nailing down your content, the longer you put off the opportunity to make more money organically. And tbh that sounds like a bummer to me! 

There are none. I’m here to push you to your next level and help you see what’s possible for you. If it gets uncomfortable, then it’s exactly what you need.

And a refund gives you a way out of that transformation. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Send me a DM on @claudiamangeac or an email on




2 payments of



4 payments of



Here’s the thing. If you’re still reading, you know 
this is a sign. You're ready to be a leader.

Here’s the thing.
If you’re still reading, you know this is a sign. 

You know there’s more to business than trying to figure it out all on your own and feeling defeated each time a potential client ghosts you, when your content flops AGAIN or when no one books a sales call for a month. 

This is your time. It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to level up.

Let me show you how you can start showing up as an authority today. Not after a big launch or after you "figure more stuff out".

I know you might feel you’re not ready. But “ready” is a lie - the only time is now.

Or you might be telling yourself “I’ll join next time” so you “save up”, but this is exactly why I created such inclusive payment plans, to make sure ANYONE can join, because authority is available for you TODAY.

This program includes everything that has helped me build a £400K+ business in just over 2 years, get consistent enquiries regardless of how "well" my content does on paper and to feel confident in who I am as a leader. 

I want the same for you.

So, are you ready to stop making excuses and do the damn thing with me?