90 min Strategy Session +
1 week WhatsApp support


This session is perfect if you’re ready to fast-track momentum in your life-first business with personalised support from an experienced mentor and qualified coach.

Create/refine your sales strategy & offers to suit YOUR goals, market and lifestyle 

Design a content plan & launch strategy for your offer 

Create a simple plan to maximise customer retention & profit from your current offers

Upgrade your messaging to activate sales with more ease & authenticity

A few examples of what we could co-create in a session for you:

Claudia helped me clear up my messaging, develop confidence in myself and the value of my offer, and start closing sales and making consistent income.

I felt so supported and like she always understood the heart of the problem and was able to bring me back to what the actual issues were. She also is a genius when it comes to marketing, messaging and sales page/ copy. 

I fully recommend working with Claudia if you are ready for that business breakthrough.

Chelsea Turgeon

My favourite thing about these session is that they're the same investment as a decent course, but instead of A LOT of information thrown at you, these are in depth and fully customised to you.


 This means we're staying far away from any cookie-cutter strategies that leave you with even more questions and instead, we create a strategy that is right for YOU, keeping in mind your current situation and goals. 



I’ve had consistent booked out months since we started our work together and I have CONFIDENTLY raised my prices to the level I know they should be.

I’ve earned more money in the last few months than I earned in the entirety of the first year of my business. 

Ciara Gigleux


Once you purchase the session, you instantly receive an email with a link to book your call, alongside an in depth questionnaire to fill out before our strategy call. 

After our 1:1 session, you get a full week of Whatsapp support for any follow up questions & will give you feedback on the work we’ve done together. 

Spots are very limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.


Claudia didn’t give me another cookie-clutter strategy but helped me personalise my sales & marketing strategy to who I am.

Now I’ve able to shift to consistent 5-figure months and continue growing!

Nadja, Manifestation & Money Coach