Are you ready to step away from the inconsistent,
stressful solopreneur stage of your life and enter an era of alignment, sustainable wealth and ease?

I see you.

You want more ease and freedom in your life for the things and people you love, but you feel that in order to achieve your BIG goals, you need to work harder, push more and be present 24/7 in your business.

You want to significantly scale your income and create more passive income, but you’re not sure what’s the best way to do that YOUR way for long term sustainability and not just a one time launch that drains your energy.

You want to grow a team and create systems in your business that allow you to stay in your zone of genius consistently, but you don’t want to lose control or make reckless investments.

You have some moments when you feel in control, unwavering and excited that you’re on the right path, but then something happens and you fall back on self-doubt and wondering whether this is possible for you. 
You want to grow/diversify your audience and platforms so you’re not a slave to social media, but the thought of creating even MORE content fills you with dread, so instead you procrastinate and keep doing the same things over and over again

"Before, I had a lot of fear in terms of making a consistent income and was anxious about growing my business.

Whilst working together, I started hitting consistent £10k months and also hit a £23k sales month and a £12k cash month which is INSANE. I have consistent clients coming to me, I’ve raised my prices, fully booked out my group program twice and launched a passive course which went amazing.

Sooo many wins! I’ve also hired a team AND brought my partner on full time into the business 😍

I feel so much more confident and I feel like I treat my business more like a business now and not just an Instagram page."

Claudia Woodham, Business Coach 

As a qualified multiple 6 figure business and mindset expert, I’ve supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in their unique journeys through my mentorship and programs. 

Inside this exclusive private coaching container, I will be your partner and guide to accelerate your results & achieve your dream goals with fully personalised strategic support, an all-access pass to my entire product suite and so much more.

Claudia helped me scale my business very quickly, she helped me start a second business and also I reached my highest income month yet (over €25K) and sold out my group program. She made me feel confident in the process and I learned a lot about launching and putting a proper structure in my business! 

Laura Haleydt, Online Business Expert

This container is for you if:

You’ve had some success but you’re stuck at your current income level & you feel unable to grow consistently from here

You’re good at what you do and you get clients great results, but you know it’s time to scale your offers and have more impact with your business 

You know you’re getting in our own way - you’re making up stories that hold you back, and you find yourself self-sabotaging and playing small sometimes

You feel more ready than ever to stop making excuses, do the deep work, take inspired action and bring your BIG vision into reality 

You want a mentor who’s been where you are, and has made the leap that you’re looking for into creating sustainable wealth, working less and running a fun business YOUR way.

 I reached 6 figures within 10 months of starting my business, and by the time I hit 18 months, I had made over £250K in sales. 
I’ll never forget the feeling of hitting my first £10K sales month, my first £60K launch or having £25K cash come in my business bank account only a year after starting my business. 

But here’s what you didn’t get to see on social media. Behind the scenes, things were getting messy. 
I was launching new offers every month and in constant pushing mode, working long hours which ended up draining me physically and emotionally. 

I had no clear plans on how I was going to scale my offers and created a lot of products and programs that ended up sitting there gathering dust after finishing their launch.

I was creating new content all the time and reaching a new audience, but I didn't have a system that allowed me to have more impact with less time.

That was until I decided to make a change.

And I can tell you, my business and life look very different now. 

Sounds familiar? I totally understand because I’ve been there. 

Let me tell you what my story looked like…

I work no more than 20-30h per week, I just had a £40K sales month without a launch or promoting anything, I have more boundaries than ever and my clients have never seen better results. 

I now run my business the way I always wanted to - simple repeatable strategies, a timeless marketing and sales machine, a sharp focus on profit and impact plus massive expansion and flow for both my clients and I.

I changed my priorities and how I spend my time in my business. I didn’t need to grow a bigger audience, hustle or do HUGE launches with a million complicated email sequences. 

Now that I mastered the art of simplifying and scaling my business and helped so many others do the same, I’m ready to coach you through everything I know about growing a business, so that you can blow your own mind with the results you’re capable of AND enjoy the journey while doing so.

I loved Claudia’s down to earth approach, always challenging me when I needed it in a supportive and empowering way - I looked forward to all our sessions!
I also achieved so much during our coaching.

I pivoted my business, I started charging more, I booked so many dream clients, I launched and sold out my group program and now I truly believe I can run my coaching business full time and be financially successful whilst feeling fulfilled.

Veronica Mezzetti, Mindset Coach 

Let's transform your business and life in the next 6 months. Here are the details:

12 bi-weekly 60 Min Sessions

Unlimited feedback on your copy
and marketing materials

Unlimited access to Claudia via Voxer for  support & accountability (M-F)

All-access pass to all  previous programs (worth over £10K)

VIP pass to any live program Claudia launches during your time together 


INVESTMENT: £1997 per month 
(payment plans available)

“Before finding Claudia, I had a thriving business but felt really overwhelmed without an overview of where I was going and a proper plan to scale. 

Claudia challenged me to be more organised and focus on what matters. I’m not overwhelmed and exhausted anymore in my business and my business is so much more structured. 

During our time together, I launched my first passive offer where I enrolled over 500 students in the first few weeks and sold out my first group program, reaching a multiple 5 figures month. I feel so much more relaxed now and I feel like I have a clear plan to continue scaling the business.”

Ginny Fears, Online Business Expert 

One final note from me to you

I take 3 women into this container at a time and the spots fill fast, so apply now if you want to reserve your spot. 

And I know you’ve probably invested in programs that haven’t worked before. So know this…

If you have had any breakthroughs and wins from my free content such as my Instagram or the podcast, just imagine the magic we can create when it’s just you and I going in depth on the unique details of YOUR business.

Between our bi-weekly calls, the daily support on Voxer and the access to all my programs, there’s no falling through the cracks and not implementing. I’ll be there to not only support you with the strategic input and making executive decisions, but also to remind you why you’re doing this and help you show up consistently and with the right energy in your business. 

I believe that if you’re feeling called into this container, you’re ready for true quantum leaps in your income and life and I can’t wait to celebrate like crazy. 

Are you ready to change your life?