For the woman who’s ready to step away from the 
messy solopreneur life and enter a new era: one of alignment, wealth and ease.

You’ve got a few clients.
You've already launched a few offers, some more successfully than others.
You have a clear vision of how you want your business to look and feel like.
You have invested in yourself already and tried A LOT of things already.

But somehow, something is still missing, and that’s because you know you’re not tapping into your fullest potential and things could be easier and more expansive.

Even though you have a clear vision for where you want to take your business, you’re not sure what to focus on first, because there are so many different moving pieces, and you need someone who’s been there.

I see you…

You want more ease. You’re done with the hustle and long hours.

You want to work less and have more freedom, but you don’t want to sacrifice your income. 

You want to create passive income and increase your profit, but you don’t want to have less impact.

You want to grow a team, but you don’t want to lose control. 

You want to achieve true financial freedom and diversify your income, whether that’s passive income, starting a new branch of your business, personal investments, stock etc. 

Claudia helped me scale my business very quickly, she helped me start a second business and also I reached my highest income month yet (over €25K) and sold out my group program. She made me feel confident in the process and I learned a lot about launching and putting a proper structure in my business! 

Laura Haleydt, Online Marketing Expert

As a serial entrepreneur and a multiple 6 figure business and mindset expert, my role is to guide you to the next level.

Here are some of the things we’re going to work on together:

Expand your business to new heights

Increase your revenue streams

Map out and forecast your upcoming launches 

Finesse your product suite and put offers on autopilot

Multiply your profit and streamline where needed

Increase your brand awareness and boost your visibility 

Create systems to simplify your business

And then there’s the other side…
Running a business is not all strategy, otherwise things would be easy peasy. 

And then there’s the
other side…
Running a business is not all strategy, otherwise things would be easy peasy. 

Every week you will be challenged in a different way, so you will need to actively work on your mindset and habits, in order to keep up with this new level. 

I will help you build your own CEO mindset toolkit to keep you happy and sane, while running a growing company and managing a team, because I know how freaking hard that is.

And I’m speaking from experience. My business went from 0 to £150K in 15 months and let me tell you, it was MESSY. Yes, I was making money and getting more clients than I could handle, but the back-end of my business and my mindset were not ready for all the changes that came with that. 

Let’s put it this way - I’ve made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. 

Inside this highly transformational container, 
I won’t just be your mentor or coach. 
I will be your business partner and biz bestie. 

I will be your business partner and biz bestie. 

Inside this highly transformational container, 
I won’t just be your mentor or coach. 

I loved Claudia’s down to earth approach, always challenging me when I needed it in a supportive and empowering way - I looked forward to all our sessions!
I also achieved so much during our coaching.

I pivoted my business, I started charging more, I booked so many dream clients, I launched and sold out my group program and now I truly believe I can run my coaching business full time and be financially successful whilst feeling fulfilled.

Veronica Mezzetti, Mindset Coach 

Here is what’s included in this highly transformational 6 months container:

Bi-weekly 60 Min Sessions

Unlimited feedback on your copy
and marketing

Unlimited Private Messaging with Claudia (Monday-Friday)

Full Access to all of Claudia’s Programs and Digital Products (worth over £10K)

Access to any program Claudia launches during your time together 

INVESTMENT: £1500/month 
(payment plans available)


“Before finding Claudia, I had a thriving business but felt really overwhelmed without an overview of where I was going and a proper plan to scale. 

Claudia challenged me to be more organised and focus on what matters. I’m not overwhelmed and exhausted anymore in my business and my business is so much more structured. 

During our time together, I launched my first passive offer where I enrolled over 500 students in the first few weeks and sold out my first group program, reaching a multiple 5 figures month. I feel so much more relaxed now and I feel like I have a clear plan to continue scaling the business.”

Ginny Fears, Online Business Expert 

Are you ready to get started?