Break out of the box, scale your business consistently and master the emotional rollercoaster that comes with entrepreneurship. Aka do the damn thing, but YOUR way. 

If you're ready for more income, more alignment, more fun, a simpler business and the freedom to actually enjoy the life you've built, you're in the right place.

Have you found yourself thinking:

"Why am I not able to get & keep momentum like others do? I must be doing something wrong."

"Why is my income inconsistent (or has plateau'ed) & how do I keep growing without constantly stressing or working more?"

"I know some of my ideas are good, but I'm not sure which one is right & I keep getting stuck doing the same thing."

"Seriously, how did *insert random online entrepreneur* manage to *insert milestone*? Maybe I should join HER mastermind and that'll solve everything!"

"Everyone seems to be having so much fun and flow in their business, am I the only one who feels like this?" 

The reason why things are not working out the way you wish they were is because right now you're doing things they way you think you "should". 

You're trying to follow the rules. You get inspired by what others do, instead of following YOUR big dreams and intuition. 

This is why, by combining my next level strategies and coaching skills, together with YOUR unique secret sauce, we're going to help you move faster than you've ever imagined, and feel SO f*cking good while doing it.

Yes, there are plenty of people out there doing what you do, but there's only ONE of you. It's time to start getting paid the big bucks for being YOU.

 So let's have some fun and put our strategic CEO hats on - the best is yet to come for you!


When I worked with Claudia, my business definitely leveled up and the difference is noticeable! Together we mapped out my group program which sold out, I sold out my 1:1 program, mapped out my new passive program, changed the direction of my business and made a £13K cash month which was my highest yet! 

She not only gave me all the advice I needed to accelerate my businesses growth, but it was her support that really made such a difference.

She made me feel confident and encouraged me to keep going even when I personally wasn't feeling like it! She is just the best.

Meg Larner

"Hey Claudia, how's it going?

 I wanted to let you know I got this idea based on that convo we had last week and I sold 7 spots before I had a sales page, because it's THAT freaking good!

Also, you know that funnel I was playing with the other day? It's now bringing me 5k/month reccuring revenue without me moving a finger.

Also did I mention that this week I took 4 full days off to go on a yoga retreat in the Maldives and I still made 5 figures in sales, because my pre-recorded content got shared loads? Thanks for that though leadership tip, it changed the game for me!"

Also I'm so happy - this week I got invited to do that paid talk with an organisation I really believe in and I managed to put 50% of last month's income in my investment account!"

Imagine that 6 months from now, you're sending me this text from your holiday in the Maldives:

How does this feel? Are you getting goosebumps yet?

Claudia helped me scale my business very quickly, she helped me start a second business, I reached my highest income month yet (over €25K) and sold out my group program. She made me feel confident in the process and I learned a lot about launching and putting a proper structure in my business! 

Laura Haleydt

When you decide to do business and life with me (because yes, they do go together), here's what you can expect:

Someone who sees YOU & holds space for you. As an entrepreneur, a woman and a human being. 

Someone who is invested in your happiness & growth, which means I will say the thing you need to hear, not what you WANT to hear.

Someone who gives a f*ck and will encourage you to feel your feelings, whilst also taking the action that you're afraid to. 

Someone who is going to challenge you & your current beliefs, so you can get in touch with the real you & shed the BS layers.

Someone who will hold your hand through the ugly stuff and celebrate you HARD for who you are, not only for the "usual" wins. 

Yes, this means we go in deep. I don't just do "business coaching". It's more like "Let's make you a happy, bold, free and rich woman building her legacy!"

Claudia is strategic AF. Honestly, just her brain alone is worth the investment. 
Just as we were finishing, I had my highest month ever.

She's super responsive and available - you really feel like a priority to her. Also, while with Claudia I hired my first two team members. She really empowered me to become a CEO and I know the work we did together will help me achieve more and more!

Natali Chanany

Now, the details 

1 x 60 min planning session to get you clarity faster & some quick wins first 

2 x 60 min coaching calls per month

Whatsapp access M-F for real time support & accountability

Hands on weekly
 content & material feedback 

Access to BSA, my signature sustainable sales program

Access to my courses +
anything I launch during our time together (worth £5K+)


This is what's included in the 4 or 6 months of working together: 

£1997 per month
(PIF & payment plans available)

Plus a "backstage pass" to what's going on in my world and mind as a CEO making bold moves. You get to see & hear it all before anyone else, because I always lead by example.

 Claudia was a blessing for my business, she gave me the confidence to raise my prices, she taught me sales strategies that I have never imagined possible and she encouraged me to complete my product suite with an evergreen course.

Working with her was amazing. I love that she is super straight to the point and always challenging me.

True Guerra

Hi, I'm Claudia, the founder of Bold in Business, a qualified business coach & strategist with over 10 years of business experience and a multi-passionate mum. 

I started my first business when I was only 23, and in 2019, I quit my fast-growing leadership career to follow my dream of helping women unlock financial and time freedom through entrepreneurship.

So far, I've helped over 500 women grow their business online & have surpassed half a million pounds revenue since, whilst working part time and having my daughter, through the power of mindset, strategy, energy and intentional action.

Now, let me introduce myself!

Claudia really supported and guided me through the whole process after feeling a bit lost, helping me realize that I don’t need to be everywhere.

 Now I’m really clear about where I want to go and who I want to be, I’m building a stronger personal brand, and I confidently increased my price to charge my worth.

As a result, I’ve had my highest sales month ever, £22,000. I got more 1:1 requests than ever while working even less than before, but smarter.

Romane Nouri

Even though my coaching & strategies are VERY powerful, this experience is not right for the woman who:

Doesn't take personal responsibility. We all have an inner victim within ourselves and we can't stop but occasionally put the responsibility on the outside circumstances. Not taking any responsibility won't work here.

Thinks she is too good or above it to do the work. Yes you might have learned a lot already, however, sometimes it's exactly what you've been completely ignoring that's just the thing that you need to do. Sometimes you need to go back to basics and be opened to learn.

All talk, no action. Energy is the most potent tool you can use in your life and business, yet it's pretty useless if it's not backed by powerful (sometimes uncomfortable) action.

Not willing to get uncomfortable. Growth happens outside of the comfort zone. Not all aligned actions will be comfortable and will require for you to do something different.

If you're ready to make bold moves, this is your sign.