The luxe, full day experience for the ultimate clarity and filling in the gaps in your business. 

Amplify your sales messaging, master your authority voice and refine your offers for effortless sales your way.

 All done WITH you in only one day.


You know that feeling when you consume someone's content or read their sales page, you scroll and think "Omg, that's me. How did they know what I was thinking? I need that".

All of a sudden, you feel seen. Your experience feels validated. You know that person GETS you and you immediately, subconsciously position them in your mind as an authority. Also, did I mention?

 You're now A LOT more likely to buy from them. You keep thinking about their offer, going back and forth.

That, my friend, is the power of mastering your messaging and offers.

Your positioning in the market, what you're selling and how you communicate the value of your offers are KEY to unlocking more sales with ease.

Claudia helped me clear up my messaging, develop confidence in myself and the value of my offer, and start closing sales and making consistent income.

I felt so supported and like she always understood the heart of the problem and was able to bring me back to what the actual issues were. She also is a genius when it comes to marketing, messaging and sales page/ copy. 

I fully recommend working with Claudia if you are ready for that business breakthrough.

Chelsea Turgeon

Your audience is not signing up for your offers as easily as you'd like.

You feel something is missing, but you're not sure what that is.

You've been thinking about changing your offers, but you keep going around in circles.

You're really good at what you do, but you're not sure how to communicate the value of your offers in a way that gets people excited and buying.

You feel your content is okay, but it's missing that "sold out" secret sauce others seem to have figured out.

You're probably telling yourself you have a sales problem.

As a sales expert, I'm here to tell you that is not the case. You, my friend, have a messaging, positioning & offer problem.

The good news is - it's easy to fix.
And fast. I'm talking literally, a day. A VIP day with me.



Be honest, is this you at the moment?


If you're anything like me (and most entrepreneurs), you're impatient. So instead of working with a coach for months and meeting once every other week to work on this, you want results FAST. 

Which is why this entire process, based on my proven Offer & Messaging Mastery™ framework, is all done in ONE day.

After your VIP day, you'll walk away with a clear, customised & tangible strategy, ready to implement. Bye bye overwhelm!

In our VIP day, we go in deep, which means this is the type of work that will have lasting results in your business for months, if not years to come. 

Hold on- what is a VIP day?

This is what happens after you go through my Offers & Messaging Mastery™ framework:

You become obsessed with your own offers, because you've aligned them with your goals, your lifestyle and zone of genius

You know how to talk about each offer to make them stand out and you master communicating to your ideal audience's deepest desires for faster, more effortless sales #salespsychology

You make your offers simpler, more profitable and scalable, plus they'll give your clients better results -  win win!

You're be able to sell multiple offers without confusing your audience, whilst growing your personal brand instead of feeling stuck in a "niche box"

Claudia gave me the confidence to 'just do it'.
Before working with Claudia, I created content that attracted people but felt uncomfortable converting.

I used to find selling very overwhelming and she helped me to overcome barriers and sell with ease.

Catherine Casey

You’ll be amazed at what's possible in a full day of strategic & mindset work with undivided attention 

Lunch and refreshments in several high end locations in London (OR a high end personalized gift if you choose the virtual option)

We start with an in-depth call to connect, get clarity on our game plan & clarify your current gaps

This streamlined document will include everything we mapped out and will be your guide towards your dream life-first business


After our VIP day is done, you have access to me for another week for any follow up questions & support

I'll share with you the only tools you need to make your content & offers turn into £££ with ease.







45 min planning call &
questionnaire (VALUED AT £997)

A full day of coaching together (valued at £6997)

Personalised growth blueprint
(valued at £997)

1 week Voxer support
(valued at £997)

Access to templates, trainings & cheat sheets (valued at minimum £997)


*only 2 VIP days available each quarter, so book early to avoid disappointment 

This is exactly what happens after you sign up to your VIP Day (in person or virtually):


After you apply & get approved, you get an email within 24h to book the VIP day in the coming weeks depending on the availability (spots are very limited each quarter, so we recommend booking ASAP)

Step #2: Bespoke Planning

Next, you fill out an in depth questionnaire, and jump on a planning call with Claudia.
Meanwhile, you'll receive the itinerary for the day to plan ahead of time.

Step #3: Making magic happen

On the day, we have 4 sessions based on YOUR goals focusing on:
1. Your positioning, authority & brand
2. Mapping out (or refining) your offers
3. Magnetic messaging for each offer
4. Sales content for different platforms 

Step #4: Seeing results

You will get an in depth blueprint of the next steps & have a week of 1:1 Voxer access to work out any roadblocks coming up.
Lastly, it's time to see your vision come to life & the results come in!

£3333 (payment plans in  the application form)

Claudia was a blessing for my business, she gave me the confidence to raise my prices, she taught me sales strategies that I have never imagined possible and she encouraged me to complete my product suite with an evergreen course.

Working with her was amazing. I love that she is super straight to the point and always challenging me. 

True Guerra

In case we haven’t met –
 I'm Claudia. 

I'm a qualified business coach & strategist with over 10 years of business experience and a multi-passionate mum. 

I started my first business when I was only 23, and in 2019, I quit my fast-growing leadership career to follow my dream of helping women unlock financial and time freedom through entrepreneurship.

So far, I've helped over 500 women grow their businesses & have surpassed half a million pounds revenue since, whilst working part time and having my daughter, through the power of mindset, strategy, energy and intentional action.

At the heart of my philosophy is an aversion to complicated methods or sleazy tactics, and belief in your potential.

And the best part is that you get all my 10+ year of knowledge & uninterrupted attention, alongside real time feedback to create your dream messaging & offers strategy.

Hi, I'm Claudia, the founder of Bold in Business, a qualified business coach & strategist with over 10 years of business experience and a multi-passionate mum. 

After moving alone to UK with £800 at 18, I started my first business at 23 and 9 years later, I'm running a multi-6 figure thriving business in <20 hours a week, raising a little one and focusing on things that bring me joy and peace. 

But I'm not here to talk about me (if you ARE curious though, here is my story),

My mission at Bold In Business is to help you build & grow a life-first, thriving business on your terms.

It's time to wave goodbye to the hustle & overwhelm and embrace simplicity, refinement and owning your own brand of magic.

Claudia’s coaching was phenomenal!

She didn’t give me another cookie-cutter strategy but helped me personalise my sales & marketing strategy to who I am.

Nadja Amelie

Let's talk FAQs

Absolutely! My VIP days have been designed specifically for service providers, mentors, coaches, course creators, content creators ready to launch digital products and experts ready to offer online services.

The VIP day is £3333. And yes, of course. When you fill out the form, you will see the details for the payment plan options, and once your application has been approved, you will get to choose the one that works best for you & your financial wellbeing.

 A lot of my clients often have one or two offers, so absolutely. My suggestion is to map out a product suite that makes sense for your lifestyly and bigger goals, as well as your ideal client journey.

You don’t need to have a set amount of offers, but instead, to ensure you have multiple revenue streams that work seamlessly together for more profit & ease!

Claudia really supported and guided me through the whole process, helping me realize that I don’t need to be everywhere.

Now I’m really clear about where I want to go and who I want to be, I’m building a stronger personal brand, and I confidently increased my price to charge my worth.

As a result, I’ve had my highest sales month ever, £22,000. I got more 1:1 requests than ever while working even less than before, but smarter.

Romane Nouri
Passive income Expert

If you're still here, this is your sign. It's time to stop running around in circles hoping you'll figure out "the secret" to growing business your way.

The truth is YOU & your unique gifts are the secret.

Which is why you need offers that work for you and your lifestyle, messaging that gets you raving fans and loyal clients, alongside an authority voice that stands out for effortless sales. And I can help you get all of that, in one day.

Are you ready to make the next step in your journey?

Let'S DO IT!