You might be surprised to hear I didn’t just show up online one day and had a multi 6 figures business and thousands of followers. 

Actually my life looked quite 

a few years ago.


I left Romania at 18 on my own with only £800 to my name…

I got married at 21 and divorced at 25, started my first company at 23, got my first leadership role at 25 and quit my corporate career (again) at 28 to start my second business.

And the rest is history!

I’ve often been described as “too young” for things, a rebel, a powerhouse. I just say I'm on a mission & I'm not letting anyone get in my way. I want to use my decade of learning & experimenting to help YOU build a sustainable business that is FUN, profitable and allows you full freedom. 

I went from self-doubt and heavy debt in my early 20s to now running a profitable multiple 6 figures business.

All of this while living my own dream life!

The one thought that stuck with me throughout all the hard moments in my life is that we are meant for more, which is why I never settled for “just” a good job and I don’t want you to settle for an okay business, where you barely get by or work ALL the hours. 

You are meant to fulfill your wildest dreams and I am here to make sure we structure your business in a way that supports that!

Pssst, I’m also the host of Becoming The 1% Podcast - listen here!


I’m the literal definition of an overachiever - an ENTJ, projector and enneagram 3

I have a film degree, so technically I’m a qualified film critic! #filmandtvsnob4life

I have probably read over 200 personal development books in the space of 3 years #bookworm

I eat dessert with 95% of my meals - can’t stop, won’t stop! #passmethedamncake