The fast-track to getting your business where you want it to be, with me as a guide and mentor, every step of the way. 

A strategic & supportive business expert to guide you on how to grow your business, just as passionate about your vision as you are

A deep dive into your business strategy, so you have the CONFIDENCE & CLARITY to move forward

A sales & marketing mentor who is going to call you out (lovingly!) and help you become the best version of yourself

Accountability and support while we celebrate your business wins & milestones together


If you’re looking for...

Here are your options of working 1:1 with Claudia 

Claudia helped me scale my business very quickly, she helped me start a second business and also I reached my highest income month yet (over €25K) and sold out my group program.

She made me feel confident in the process and I learned a lot about launching and putting a proper structure in my business! 

Laura Haleydt, Online Business Expert

Before, I was feeling overworked, overwhelmed , anxious & had no clear direction on what I need to do in order to grow my business and to have more freedom. 

Claudia’s coaching was phenomenal! Having her by my side & getting her eyes on my business was a game-changer. Especially because she didn’t give me another cookie-clutter strategy but helped me personalise my sales & marketing strategy to who I am.

Since working with Claudia, I’ve able to shift from 1-2k months to hitting consistent 5-8k cash months and 5-figure sales months. One month alone, I secured 12k in sales!

Nadja Amelie, Manifestation &
Money Coach

Before, I wanted more sustainable income and a better strategy for making money moving forward. 

Working with Claudia was amazing! Honestly, she taught me so many valuable learnings that I will forever use in my business. I loved the balance of coaching with mentoring, alongside her expert knowledge to help with my strategy and marketing.

I invested just under 7K and already made £22K from our work together. I also developed more confidence to really show up as my true self!

This was the best investment I’ve ever made into my biz - so grateful!

Grace Lancer, Biz Coach & Strategist