A month of 1:1 coaching and Whatsapp support to help you simplify your strategy & get more aligned, so you can have more fun and make more money. 

For the bold CEO who’s ready to shake up and transform their business and not waste any more time.

I see you. 

You’ve hit a plateau and you don’t know exactly why that is

You’re frustrated that you are constantly just 'getting by' on your current income and know you deserve more

You’re feeling directionless despite having a big dream and hard-working attitude

You have millions of ideas but struggle with which ones to execute

You’re struggling to show off your unique sauce due to lack of confidence, strategy or both

Instead, imagine for a second this was you...

You have built an aligned business model that suits your lifestyle and goals

You have the financial and time freedom to do the things you love

You're recognised as an authority in your industry and feel confident about your future

You're excited to sell your offers, because you know that you're changing lives with them

You're consistently attracting dream clients with zero sleaze or awkward tactics

You're finally scaling the business in a way that feels good and is profitable

Are you ready to make this your reality?

My 6-week intensive program is powerfully jam-packed with transformational 1:1 coaching calls, actionable strategies and support on tap to take service providers, coaches and creative entrepreneurs to the next level in their business without working 24/7 or stressing at every step. 

Working with Claudia was amazing, she’s so fab! She taught me so many valuable learnings that I will forever use in my business. 

She’s always been there to support me with my mindset wobbles and I loved the balance of coaching with mentoring, alongside her expert knowledge to help with my strategy and marketing.

In total, I invest just under 7K and already made £22K from our work together. I also developed more confidence to really show up as my true self!

Everything was awesome and amazing! This was the best investment I’ve ever made into my biz - so grateful!

Grace Lancer, Business Coach & Strategist




The 6 weeks coaching intensive

Included in your investment:





Customised material & content review to speed up your progress

Templates, cheat sheets & trainings for implementation support

Unlimited access to Claudia via Voxer (M-F)

2 x 60 min 1:1 coaching calls

1 x 90 min deep-dive session

Your investment: £2700
(payment plans available)

Before, I was a copywriter who felt unfulfilled and burnt out by all the DFY-work. I knew I wanted to pivot, but I just didn't know how to do it.

My work with Claudia was such a great experience. I feel a lot more confident in who I am and what I'm doing online. Plus, I booked 3 dream clients in just 4 weeks and recently signing my first €2K coaching package!

She has a great balance of mindset and strategy and felt like she was there to support me and believed in me, which is super important to me!

Justine Seynhaeve, Business Coach 

Imagine if you spent as much on upleveling your business as you did on more traditional education. Traditional school leaves you with a diploma and some theoy you can apply, but the investment in scaling your business with an expert mentor who gets it brings you unimaginable wealth and freedom.

Here’s the thing - time will pass whether you do something or not. This month, this year will pass no matter what you do. The question is - what are you choosing to do with that time?

Repeat after me: The only failure is giving up or not giving this a REAL shot, so it's time to embrace all the GOOD things that are now are possible for you. . 

There are people out there with less experience doing what you want to do, simply because they’ve got the confidence, they’re not giving up and they’re investing in learning from the best.

Be honest - what's holding you back?

Is it the investment?

The time?

Fear of failure?



I loved Claudia’s down to earth approach, always challenging me when I needed it in a supportive and empowering way - I looked forward to all our sessions!
I also achieved so much during our coaching.

I pivoted my business, I started charging more, I booked so many dream clients, I launched and sold out my group program and now I truly believe I can run my coaching business full time and be financially successful whilst feeling fulfilled.

Veronica Mezzetti, Mindset Coach 

Your knowledge, persistence, and hard work have already helped you get to where you are, but it’s natural that what got you here won’t get you there.

This is why the program has been designed to equip you with the marketing, sales and mindset tools you need to elevate your business to the next level, no matter what that looks like for you. 


Claudia helped me scale my business very quickly, she helped me start a second business and also I reached my highest income month yet (over €25K) and sold out my group program. She made me feel confident in the process and I learned a lot about launching and putting a proper structure in my business! 

Laura Haleydt, Online Business Expert

Btw, hi, I'm Claudia! 

AKA a business, marketing & sales expert and your new, no-nonsense biz bestie.

I started my first business when I was only 23, and in 2019, I quit my fast-growing leadership career to follow my dream of helping women unlock financial and time freedom through entrepreneurship.

My business has helped over 300 entrepreneurs grow their business online & has surpassed £400k revenue since through the power of personal branding, sales psychology and organic marketing.

Trust me on this – growing your business doesn’t have to be some complicated, scary and difficult thing. 

At the heart of my method is an aversion to complicated methods and sleazy tactics and a belief in your potential.

And the best part is that you get all my 10+ year of knowledge condensed in this hyper supportive 6 weeks container to really show you the ropes!

Are you ready to see some REAL changes this year?